Virtual events have emerged over the last few years as a new way for people to connect and work together in an online format. These events make it easier for people who live far away to collaborate and make decisions together, plus they are often less expensive.

While virtual events aren’t a replacement for in-person meetings, they offer some unique benefits. They allow you to network with more people than you would be able to at an in-person meeting, so more opportunities arise for meaningful business relationships. They also offer a more cost-effective solution for international collaborations if you don’t want to fly halfway across the world.


This post will cover the 8 most essential skills to master if you want to get ahead on virtual events


Virtual events are a new way to interact with people and make decisions. This could be in a conference or online meeting, which may happen through social media or video chatting platforms.

Virtual events are different than in-person events because they don’t require you to travel to another location, which can be costly and often time-consuming. You can interact with other people through these events without ever meeting them face-to-face. Plus, virtual events allow you to network with more people than possible at an in-person event and offer a less expensive solution for international collaborations.

My Vision Show, for instance, operates on the Airmeet platform. To fully leverage the benefits of My Vision Show, you must learn how to navigate the platform to find the sections that house the content and conversations that are most important to you.


2. properly plan your virtual event and networking schedule

Virtual events offer several benefits and can often host hours of original content. Although

virtual events allow you to network with more people than you would be able to at an in-person meeting in a much shorter period, it is still essential to plan your virtual event. The best way to do this is to understand what you want to gain from this investment of time. Look at the sessions and pay close attention to the networking opportunities. If there are exhibit times, take note of the exhibitors and schedule meetings in advance.

Virtual events producers who want to have a successful event will make their schedules clear and understandable. My Vision Show is currently coordinating their 15th event. One of their most considerable areas of focus is ensuring that information about events, times, and the people involved is easy to find and follow. My Vision Show has also offered an early access period of 60 days before their event start time to allow visitors a chance to plan their time while attending this event.


3. understand the benefits of your virtual event

In-person, events bring a lot of value. There can be thousands and even tens of thousands of attendees at each event. Although this creates many opportunities, there are often missed connections and long follow-up processes since everyone gets busy when they return to their daily lives and work schedules. An online conference like My Vision Show can make it easy for you to find a new connection and schedule a second meeting. Virtual Events also offer a more cost-effective solution for following up with long-distance opportunities if you don’t want to fly halfway across the country. For example, suppose you have to follow up with a person from California, and the alternative is flying 12 hours away from your location. In that case, it might be worth having a virtual meeting instead of flying there. This will save you time and money without losing any productivity or quality. It can also make it easier for your new connection to meet you without having to disrupt their busy schedule.

Complete conference schedules include education, networking, and shopping opportunities. It is always a good idea to list your goals to ensure you maximize the opportunity.


4. prepare for your next event

Although virtual events are online, many of them are seasonal. Take My Vision Show, for example. Our shows only run 2 times per year. This means it is vital to maximize your time efficiently while attending the event. You need an idea of what you want to accomplish during your virtual conference and how you plan on doing it.

For example, let’s say that you have a large group of people coming together from worldwide for your next meeting. It would be a good idea to go through your agenda ahead of time and ensure that you have enough time allocated for each item. If not, then give more time or break up your schedule into smaller pieces so that everything can get done.

When planning for an event, don’t forget about the logistics either! Think about where the meeting will take place and how long it will last. You will want to make sure you are located in a space with good wifi a reliable camera and utilize your virtual background capabilities if needed.


5. stay connected with your new network

Virtual events offer a distinct advantage to in-person events when maintaining connections. Many industry professionals have never attended a physical event or only attended 1 event a year. Virtual events like My Vision Show can be an excellent venue for professionals who want to network but may not attend a physical event this year. It is also common for a virtual event attendee to join the associated social media groups of the event coordinator and stay connected. Those who engage regularly are rewarded with an actual finger on the pulse of the industry as they can keep up with trends in real-time.


6. keep up to date on latest developments 

Most virtual events are focused on a specific topic, niche, or industry. For example, My Vision Show focuses on eye care and optical professionals. Our content is focused on the latest and emerging trends. We invite key opinion leaders worldwide and always try to give new faces a stage. We do this to ensure all voices are heard and share multiple perspectives. Many other virtual events coordinators similarly leverage their platforms. Content diversity, inclusivity, and subject matter are critical. It is a good idea to note the events that most align with your business and career development needs.


7. understand the rules of engagement 

Virtual events platforms are evolving almost every second. Less than 2 years ago, there were only a handful of virtual media. In 2022, virtual events have become a hot topic. With terms like metaverse, web 3.0, NFT, and virtual networking, it is clear that virtual events are here to stay. Each event coordinator is responsible for choosing their platform, designing their schedule, and making it easy for their attendees to understand the rules of each section of the platform. For instance, during My Vision Show, there are more formal sessions where viewers will have to raise their hands or use a Q&A forum to get their questions answered.

However, My Vision Show has recently incorporated round table forums, which encourage up to 100 people to engage in an open, friendly debate about leading subjects in the industry. Different sections of the My Vision Show platform offer varying opportunities to video chat, chat in a window or simply read or watch content on-demand. It is essential to understand the different capabilities of each section of the platform so you can be prepared for what tools you will have available to you so you can connect in a way that’s comfortable for you.


8. understand the differences between my vision show and the optical metaverse 

My Vision Show was created in 2017 to fill the gap in events for those who could not make it to physical shows. The pandemic elevated the need for this format. My Vision Show has risen to the occasion by developing its platform acceleratedly to keep up with the growing demand for new ways to connect virtually. In the past 2 1/2 years, they have added live stream sessions, polls, interactive booths, on-demand content streaming, networking lounges, and hundreds of other features. Although My Vision Show is one of the most immersive online events globally, the producers realized a new gap was emerging. Their commitment to innovation led them to develop a unique platform to rise to this new occasion- The Optical Metaverse.

The Optical Metaverse takes events to new heights with full 3D product presentations, beautiful booths, and breathtaking backgrounds. Users will abandon their “Zoom style” windows and “dress up” in new avatar skins as they get magically transported to this new virtual destination. Vendors and visitors who embrace this opportunity will be rewarded with the advantages of early adoption.

Although My Vision Show will resume its platform to continue meeting the needs of innovative event-goers and brands, The Optical Metaverse will take the lead in innovating towards the future of the metaverse.



In 2 short years, My Vision Show and the cast involved have bore witness to innovation beyond description. To say that technology has accelerated is a severe understatement. Something is happening in innovation that is unprecedented. There will be very few ways for the average business owner, buyer, or company to stay ahead or even keep up without the help of virtual events. We built My Vision Show to be a safe place for individuals to explore virtual possibilities and now the metaverse.

There are no silly questions and no one that will be allowed to fumble alone. Our community is incredibly supportive, and we are here to help usher our industry into the future. If you ever need help navigating My Vision show, The metaverse, or any other platform, reach out to us through our various social media platforms or Meet us at the next My Vision Show! April 28- May 1!

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