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Accomplish more than ever before

more Knowledge

With our flexible and INSTANT On Demand library you can get the information that is most important to you. Take as little or as much as you need its all included!

more networking

What if you were able to meet 10X more people with 10X less time??? How could that impact your career..your business....your development.... This is all possible on My Vision Show. Simply come and connect with as many people as you like in our virtual lounge, interactive chats, private messaging service and inside of our booths! All private messaging programs are encrypted for security and privacy!

more innovation

You will learn about more best practices, new products and upcoming trends on My Vision Show than any other platform in the world. This is because we focus on the most innovative trends and emerging technologies. We focus on the freshest content and its fully organic!

more humanity

Isnt it time we learned how to human again??? Virtual formats are not always easy to use due to the way they can make connections feel less "real". The My Vision Show team has worked diligently over the last 15+ shows to build a community around their show. The result is an experience that feels like you are there IRL ( In Real Life).

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An Experience For All Independent Eyewear Enthusiasts

Follow The Imaginem track


Key experts with decades of experience share their insights and experiences on how they have demonstrated a LIMITLESS MINDSET throughout their careers and lives.


Learn how IMAGINEM took a position of leadership in their journey as advocates for independent eyewear companies and leading trends in optical dispensing.


Are you ready to be limitless in your own career or business? Take the first step and join leading minds as we discuss the future of eyewear distribution and content marketing.

An Experience For All Opticians

Follow The Opticianry Peer panel track


Opticians from across the industry and country open up a healthy debate on the current state of opticianry and the future needs of the profession.


You can watch others lead or you can be a leader yourself. There is nothing stopping you from being heard. We welcome all optical professionals from all walks of the profession. You are not too new to share your insights. We welcome ALL OPINIONS!!!


The fastest way to address the rapidly changing environment of eyewear dispensing is to foster collaboration between the great minds and ideas that exist among the amazing people in our profession. Opticians play a vital role in the dispensing of eyewear and it is our goal to ensure we collect feedback from various perspectives so we can represent the diversity needed as we explore the future of our profession.

About My Vision Show

We were founded in 2018 to address the growing need for a supplement to in-person events. If the pandemic taught us anything, it is to always expect the unexpected. My Vision Show makes it easier than ever to  network and learn!

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