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My Vision Show was founded in early 2019 with a simple vision. We wanted to enable breakout brands to become more visible in the vision industry. With so many silos, it was hard for brands to get noticed. We set out to change that.

Introducing The Optical Metaverse

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my vision show 2022 will be epic
april 28- may 1st
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There is a lot to explore. Here are some quick takeaways we can provide:
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my vision show connection april 28- may 1

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Meet some of Our Speakers

my vision show past presenters

Jason Kirk

Jason Kirk, Kirk & Kirk

Barry Santini

Barry Santini- My Vision Show Cast Member Since 2019

wendy buchanan

Wendy Buchanan- Cast Member Since 2020

irina yakubin, od

Irina Yakubin, OD -My Vision Show Jr Producer since 2019
memorable moments

This year we will feature exclusive content, innovative experiences and a rapidly expanding network. Our community is available for all who want to participate. Exhibitors, educators, participants and influencers are all welcome. The more you put in, the more you will get out of your experience with us. You do not need to wait until our next show, we have plenty of ways to get involved now!



We deliver highly engaging experiences.

My Vision Show has been built on a culture of inclusivity since the day we launched. Our participants have invested many hours exploring our platform. 


We have always aimed for immersive experiences. Our 2-D shows features multiple dimensions where you can connect, shop and learn such as our lounge, exhibit area and arena.


The new Optical Metaverse will take our experience to the next level. Get ready for the future!

The connections I have made on My Vision Show have been longlasting.

As a new brand, there have been a lot of challenges getting in front of the right customer. My Vision Show has made it possible.

I love that I am able to talk about topics that I feel are important. The content is fresh and thought provoking.


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Avg Open Rate

We have had as high as 85% open rate but on average feature an open rate far above industry average.

Registration Rate

Over 60% of our invited participants register and attend My Vision Show.

Attendance Rate

Our rate of attendance was shocking during our last event. With new features such as On Demand replays and access after the show closes, we had an extremely high rate of engagement.

Success Rate

We have hosted 14 branded events and several private events. Not one event was cancelled or rescheduled. None of our events were plagued with technical difficulties. Our team is world class.

Our participants that have been with us since 2019 know the tremendous evolution we have experienced. We have hosted many events on Airmeet our preferred platform but in 2022 My Vision Show will launch The Optical Metaverse.
Many are not sure what this will look like so if you want to be entered into our invitation lottery. Apply below.
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